Our history

A track record of success

Sentinel Oncology was founded with the aim of developing new and innovative treatments for cancer patients.
September 2021

MSRD collaboration

Sentinel Oncology enters exclusive collaboration with MSRD to develop new FXS treatment

November 2020

PharmaEngine Inc collaboration

Sentinel Oncology enters exclusive collaboration with PharmaEngine Inc for SOL578

November 2019

PhoreMost Collaboration

Sentinel Oncology and PhoreMost Limited extend their collaboration to develop Plk1 drugs for glioma

April 2017

Orphan Drug Designation with SOL784 for treatment of fragile X syndrome

August 2017

Joint publication with Ashok Venkitaraman

Modulating protein-protein interactions of the mitotic polo-like kinases to target mutant KRAS

August 2016

Joint publication with Eric Klann

Targeting translational control with p70 S6K1 inhibitors to reverse phenotypes in fragile X syndrome mice

January 2010

Licensing agreement with Antisoma PLC

August 2009

Research collaboration with Ethical Oncology Sciences

January 2006

Ashok Venkitaraman appointed chair of SAB

January 2005

Sentinel Oncology was founded