Sentinel Oncology begin Discovery Collaboration with Professor Anthony Chalmers

Sentinel Oncology Limited (Sentinel) is pleased to announce the start of a collaboration with Professor Anthony Chalmers of the University of Glasgow.

Professor Chalmers holds an MRC Senior Clinical Fellowship and is Chair of Clinical Oncology at the University of Glasgow, where he runs the Translational Radiation Biology Group at the Institute of Cancer Sciences along with a clinical research programme based at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre. He has a particular interest in the treatment of CNS tumours and his research programme focuses on improving outcomes for patients with glioblastoma, for whom the outlook is currently very poor.

As part of the collaboration, Sentinel will prepare new molecules designed to be used in combination with existing therapies and Prof. Chalmers’ group will investigate their effectiveness. As a result of this collaboration, Prof. Chalmers recently received an Industrial Partnership Award from the Medical Research Council (MRC) to fund work in his laboratory aimed at completing proof of concept studies using the drugs developed by Sentinel.

As part of the collaboration, Prof. Chalmers will join the Scientific Advisory Board of Sentinel Oncology.

“We are very excited to be able to collaborate with Prof. Chalmers on this project and look forward to working closely with him and his research group in the future,” said Bob Boyle, CEO of Sentinel Oncology. “The clinical context that Anthony can bring to the drug discovery expertise within Sentinel Oncology fits perfectly with our corporate objective of developing more efficacious treatments for cancer”.

Professor Chalmers said, “This has been by far the most enjoyable and productive collaboration with a commercial company that I have experienced to date. The project arose out of shared scientific interests and a genuine desire to improve treatment options for patients and I’m very much looking forward to evaluating the new compounds in the lab.”

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