Sentinel Oncology achieves milestone in Horizon Discovery agreement

Sentinel Oncology (Sentinel) today announced it has achieved a research milestone in its collaboration with Horizon Discovery (Horizon) to develop small molecule inhibitors of a novel oncology target.

The collaboration was initiated in 2011, and the first milestone achieved following the delivery of a series of pre-clinical lead molecules.

The first-in-class kinase target programme, HD-001, is now partnered with a top 10 pharma company, as announced by Horizon on 22nd April 2013. Sentinel is entitled to further milestone payments and potential royalties based upon the continued success of the program.

“We are delighted to have contributed to driving the program forward,” said Bob Boyle, CEO of Sentinel. “This milestone reflects the success of our collaboration and we are excited about future collaborations with Horizon Discovery.”

Dr. Chris Torrance, CSO of Horizon Discovery and leader of the drug discovery programme said “This is a very promising novel target in the fight against cancer, and we were pleased to work with Sentinel in this early phase. The lead discovery for the programme has been rapid, and presents a strong base to take forward with our pharma partner into the pre-clinical and clinical stages. The combination of Horizon’s target identification and validation efforts with Sentinel’s Medicinal Chemistry services has been instrumental to the success of HD-001 to this point, and we look forward to working together again in future.”

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