Our R&D pipeline

An extensive pipeline of R&D programmes

From concept to the delivery of candidate drugs, Sentinel Oncology is developing a portfolio of new cancer therapies and is committed to improving the treatment options for patients

R&D programmes

Checkpoint Kinase 1

DNA damage occurs frequently and introduces as many as 10,000 errors into the DNA of each cell every day. The DNA damage response (DDR) is a fundamental process required to ensure the integrity of our genomic information and the protein kinase Chk1 performs a crucial role in sensing and responding to that DNA damage. Sentinel Oncology has recently partnered a selective, oral Chk1 kinase inhibitor with Cascadian Inc. who are investigating it's clinical utility.

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Breast cancer is the second most lethal cancer in women with an estimated 230,000 new cases forecast during 2015. Most breast cancer patients receive chemo-radiotherapy following surgery and five year survival rates are relatively high. Despite this, 20-30% of patients will eventually succumb to recurrence or metastatic disease causing approximately 500,000 deaths worldwide every year. Sentinel Oncology is developing a new approach to treat metastatic breast cancer by developing a drug which will selectively inhibit S6K1 and offer better treatment options for patients.

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Discovery programmes

Since its foundation, Sentinel Oncology has been developing small molecule approaches designed to target the unique microenvironment of solid tumours. Cancers arising in solid tissues will affect roughly one in every four individuals worldwide, making them a major health problem that must be addressed. We are developing a suite of targeted small molecules with the objective of developing drugs which can be administered safely in combination with the standard of care chemo- and radio-therapy with the ultimate objective of increasing efficacy for patients without increasing systemic toxicity. At Sentinel Oncology we actively seek collaborations with academic scientists or like-minded companies. For further information or to discuss collaborative work

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